How Brave Are You? Face Your Fears In This Test!

How Brave Are You? Face Your Fears In This Test!
  • 1. Which extreme sport will you prefer if you have to do throughout all your life?

  • 2. What do you see in this ink blots?

  • 3. Imagine that you live in a society which runs different rules and laws. You’ve commited a crime and will be punished by heavy sentence, but they will give an option to choose your punishment. Which one will you prefer?

    • Be buried alive.

    • Be thrown into a snake pit.

    • Three people which you really love will be killed in front of your eyes.

  • 4. You’re all alone at home in a dark and stormy night. You hear some noises while you’re trying to sleep but you pay no attention. Noises get closer and turn into footsteps. What will you do?

    • I will hide under my blanket.

    • I will scream for help.

    • I will get out of the bed and will check if television or computer are left on.

  • 5. Here is the last question. Which one will you prefer if you will find one of them under your pillow?